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Where Health and Beauty Dwell

Embark on the road to a naturally healthy life at Beta Wellness Centre - an innovative facility that strives to merge the best of natural and conventional healthcare in a warm and welcoming environment. At Beta Wellness we believe in complete healthcare concept and our mission is to support, inspire, and guide our patients through their healing process. This approach empowers any person to create a balanced lifestyle and to facilitate disease prevention.

Our Team

Medically trained. Naturally focused.
Passionate about our work. Responsible in our actions.
Selective in our choices of medicine. Here to serve our community.

Imagine a doctor who treats you as a person, not as a disease. Imagine a doctor who looks at all your symptoms and investigates their cause when they consider your health concerns. Imagine a doctor who listens to you and […]

“One of the greatest feelings is to help a patient that has not been able to find relief from their symptoms.”

Our Products

Come see us for a full range of our products.


Even though it is generally accepted that Hippocrates coined the “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”, poor diet and compromised absorption of the nutrients is among the leading causes of chronic disease. Thus, nutritional supplements can help bridge the gaps where diet is lacking. Some of the supplements or herbal preparations can also defend your body from pathogens and toxins, especially when administered under qualified expert care.

These professional grade supplements usually contain much higher concentrations of active ingredients which could be potentially harmful if used inappropriately. Professional formulations are required to follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards and are part of quality assurance.

We focus on having the best quality and most useful formulations supplements to maximize your health benefits.

Skin Care

We love we’re able to offer an affordable line of products (for all skin types) that pamper your skin while limiting the exposure to harsh ingredients.
Our new addition, Glacée and ISSEIMI Madrid, are luxury natural skin care lines that focus on preserving and protecting the skin with natural hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients. The careful selection of ingredients has been carried out considering not only their effectiveness, but also their natural sources, the management of their compounds, and their impact on the environment. These skin lines can be used for delicate skin and after aggressive skin treatments.
We hope to inspire you to take care of your skin with an easy but complete daily routine to reveal your full beauty.
We’ve come to realize that there is so much more than just skin care to reveal your innate beauty. So, we developed programs that combine innovative aesthetic treatments and relaxation, healthy living and self-care, healthy nutrition, and nutraceuticals to reveal one’s beauty from within.
Love the skin you are in…we can help.