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About Beta Wellness

Beta Wellness Centre, founded by Dr. Galina Bogatch, ND is an innovative facility that strives to merge the best of natural and conventional healthcare in a warm and welcoming environment.

Beta Wellness Centre opened its doors in June 2020 providing a full range of advanced integrated modalities and offering the most current science and research-based medicine, laboratory testing, and preventative care. The clinic’s approach is to treat each patient as an individual, to empower, support and guide their journey to optimal health. Our patients become a part of the team and are encouraged to take a participatory role in their healthcare.

In addition to Naturopathic primary care, Beta Wellness Centre offers a diverse variety of services as Functional Lab assessments, Intravenous Therapies, Pain Relief Therapies, Hormone Balance, Weight Loss Programs, Chelation Therapy, Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy, Facial and Hair Rejuvenation with PRP, Ozone and Bio-photonic Therapy, Acupuncture, Body Oriented Psychotherapy.

We look forward to being part of your transformation.

Our Team

  Imagine a doctor who treats you as a person, not as a disease. Imagine a doctor who looks at all your symptoms and investigates their cause when they consider your health concerns. Imagine a doctor who listens to you […]